Everything GREAT About Suicide Squad!

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2016-12-16 | 23:50

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Suicide Squad. Hated more than Batman v Superman? Hard to say. While not everything the critics said was wrong, everyone oversold the awful quite a bit. Here's everything right with Suicide Squad. Sub: http://goo.gl/T3Joat Tweet: http://goo.gl/cdLfrb Bookface: http://goo.gl/sqBQJy Check out my other videos: EGA Batman v Superman: http://y2u.be/Y5S7rjUbC14 EGA Star Wars III – Revenge of The Sith: http://y2u.be/_KSbwAJT8RE EGA Star Wars II – Attack of The Clones: http://y2u.be/44H0MVjBDtM EGA Star Wars I – The Phantom Menace: http://y2u.be/QppINK042N8 EGA Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens: http://y2u.be/Yrzjbb5aSQM EGA Harry Potter: http://y2u.be/uv0ssSAzurY EGA Ant-Man: http://y2u.be/I0i9EoQq2BE EGA X-Men Apocalypse: http://y2u.be/QfC8f6Z6vz4 EGA Lego Movie: http://y2u.be/2OAvXJraqJM EGA Deadpool: http://y2u.be/DHWEmj_NS1Y EGA Captain America: Civil War: http://y2u.be/GvYY4TLaF5g EGA I, Robot: http://y2u.be/wBNdNsEAPh8 EGA Zootopia: http://y2u.be/3_6BfT2dV2w EGA Pacific Rim: http://y2u.be/e0Re3XO5bNk